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Bandhavgarh offers an array of amazing experiences and activites, whether its an open jeep safari exploring the wildlife habitats of the tigers and native animals or submersing yourself in the local culture and nearby villages.


Emerald Tigers offers tours to see tigers in the wild, visit historical sites, explore local villages and embrace the Indian culture.


Below is a list of just some of the many activities you can be a part of during your stay at the Emerald Retreat.

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Bandhavgarh is famous for having the highest density of Bengal Tigers in the world. We organise dawn and afternoon safaris in our own jeeps with English speaking guides who are experts in tiger tracking and behaviour. Your guides will also take you to spots where you can see and hear many birds and other animal species. The entry gates are Tala, Magdhi and Khitauli.

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Bandhavgarh National Park is named after the largest hill in the reserve. Situated on top of the hill, dated over 2000 years old, it is one of the oldest forts or in India, with more than 100 monolithic caves originally used for worshiping by Hindu monks and now inhabited by tigers! The Lord of the Fort, Lakshmana is still worshiped as a god at the fort.

Nearby, peaceful and serene in the Tala wilderness is Sheshshaiya. This monolithic, sandstone statue of Lord Vishnu reclining on the seven-hooded serpent by a pool of water is well worth a visit.

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Emerald Retreat is the only visitor accommodation located within a national park in India. Adjacent to the main lodge, the large permanently full waterhole attracts all kinds of wildlife. Spend the late afternoon and early evening up on the viewing floor peacefully observing the birds and animals, in their jungle habitat! Other times, when wildlife alarm calls ring out through the surrounding jungle, spontaneous ‘jeep safaris’ set off seeking sightings of tigers and leopards which sometimes roam in the vicinity, which adds to the excitement!

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A short, guided walk from the Retreat, the local village Tala provides a special glimpse into the everyday lives of the local people, their homes, animals and way of life.

Dawn Safari

5:30am - 11:00am

Rise at dawn, while it is still cool. Bring water, sunblock, camera, binoculars, wear layers so you can adjust as the morning temperature changes. We drive to the nearby national park gates, conduct the paperwork and enter the park. We drive along dirt tracks, listening for and following alarm calls from animals alerting each other of a tiger in their midst. If we spot a tiger or group, we get into a good position to watch and photograph it from the safety of the jeep.

While searching for tigers, you will see other areas of interest in the parks, such as water holes or vegetation zones where you can observe other birds and animals from the jeep and wait for a tiger to stroll by! Food during this time will be light packed breakfast eaten inside the park.

Lunch & Free Time


Back to the Retreat you are greeted with a welcoming hot towel and refreshing juice, then From 11:30am - 2:30pm your time is your own for relaxation, in your rooms or on the main lodge decks where you can watch the waterhole for birds and wildlife, read or chat.

Time for buffet lunch, with a range of of local vegetarian dishes, freshly made, delicious and satisfying. Many of our visitors come away inspired to learn how to make these dishes. You can watch and and learn about the ingredients and cooking methods used as lunch being prepared and cooked.

Afternoon Safari

3:00pm - 6:00pm

We set off on the second safari for the day and it’s the same drill, possibly at a different park. It’s warmer at this time of day, but as it cools down resting animals begin to emerge. Usually, park staff and guides share insights between themselves as to where the tigers have been seen, or you might see a fresh tiger pug mark along the track.

There is plenty of opportunity to ask your guides questions, ask them to stop for a photo of a bird you have spotted and to track tigers or wait at a waterhole, watching. Your photos will look different in the hotter brighter light of the afternoon.
Out by 4.45pm or you are locked in the park for the night!

Pre-Dinner Drinks & Dinner

6:30pm - Bedtime

Pre-dinner, we like to sit outside together, enjoying the view of the waterhole and a campfire if its cool.

It’s a special time, to contemplate the day, share safari stories, enjoy a drink and light snacks.

Our resident expert naturalist Vivek is here to answer your questions and share his knowledge of the local wildlife and of the region.

A buffet dinner is shared around the large dining table in the main lodge.

Typical Day

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