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our amenities

We want to make your experience enjoyable, below is a list of some of the amenities to help make that happen:

  • Main lodge downstairs with inside kitchen and dining room, coffee, tea and cold drinks

  • Main Lodge upstairs with accommodation, viewing and common areas

  • Open-air kitchen and BBQ area

  • Roomy detached bungalows with large comfortable beds, ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning and ceiling fans

  • Radio Communications System

  • Large waterhole that attracts wildlife, ideal for viewing from the main Lodge

  • Reference materials and library

our food

During your stay at the Emerald Tiger Retreat you will have the wonderful experience of tasting traditional authentic Indian cooking.


All your food is provided during your stay at the Emerald Retreat and our staff will provide you with a variety of different dishes throughout your stay.


We also encourage any guests who are interested, to join in with the cooking process to learn traditional Indian cooking methods and recipes.


Below are just some of the delicious dishes you will have the pleasure of enjoying!

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